I have been working on my Family Genealogy for about 12 years. 

 I believe I have found most of the Schwerkolt's around the world, there are very few of us compared to the worlds population.

This will be an ongoing work,  some basics for now.

My great Grandfather Adolph Schwerkolt was born in Neubruch, Posen, Prussia in 1852. He emigrated to the United States in 1871.

Adolph's father was Wilhelm Schwerkolt, and his grandfather was Joseph Schwerkolt.  Joseph born around 1800 is as far back as I have gotten. 

I have read that before the 1700's a lot of Germans didn't have last names, only the more affluent ones. Also I had a conversation with a gentleman that deals in heraldic arms. After looking in a few books he told me that he believed Schwerkolt may have been from the Schwer family. Long ago the Schwer family flourished and got to a size where they started adding to the name to differentiate themselves from one another, hence the Kolt added. This is a theory only to be proved.

I know of Schwerkolt Families in The United States, Germany, Australia, France, Poland and Argentina. I would like to be able someday to link all of them together. I need your help to do that. Any information you have about you ancestors would be appreciated.

If you are a member of a Schwerkolt family, by surname or maiden name, please contact me.

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